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My gorgeous perfect daughter Sarah Diavolo and I are simply Italian princesses – always dressed to the nines and living large. Poor blonde sister Roxie Rae is left to do our bidding-cleaning, cooking and most of all worshipping us as we deserve. Roxie crawls over and we laugh at her. Beautiful Sarah grabs poor little Roxie´s head and shoves it in between her curvy ass XXXX Roxie to smell. We humiliate her while she licks our feet and soles. Sarah grabs a huge red ballgag and demands that petite pretty Roxie gag herself – shove it in deep Roxie – no cheating!! Here you go little one – now get busy and tie up your own ankles missy!!! Roxie gets busy binding herself as we chastise her without mercy. I put Roxie between my legs and crush her elbows together with more rope. We roll her around the floor and use her as a foot rest for lovely Sarah´s long legs. I straddle the pathetic sister and continue tying her up. Poor thing sobbing and drooling all over the rug. I add a tight crotch rope and pull it up between her pussy lips and ass. The pretty blonde is tied up like a hog and we XXXX her to oink like a pig. Time to worship your sister´s golden pussy missy. You were a mistake – a sperm that got away little Cinderella. Sarah climbs on top of bound Roxie´s face and rides it with her pussy. We taunt her until we become bored of this game. Little Roxie is rendered totally helpless and we leave the dumb blonde to roll around bound, gagged and crying about her lot in life.

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