Aiden & Abetting –


Cinq, cinco, cinque: no matter how you state it, its just how long we needed to wait to have this weeks stud back in our studios. After five yearswe now have Aiden Lane back with us now and we couldnt be more happy. Aiden is looking better than ever. Even though when we first met Aiden, he was a girlfriend; we talked him into having a visit smooth Sebastian, who’d later go on to pornography infamy, becoming furry, dark and delicious Damien Crosse. Hes someone the dreamy Scott Foley look-alike still communicates with from time to time. So as to create his introduction spectacular, Aiden had a particular petition, and we were more than happy to give him his costar of selection. After seeing the toe-curling scene with all-male first timer, Phillip Heritage, Aiden knew he needed to have Krist Cummings involved. Krist is always happy to help us out, and can you blame him? Aiden had started off as a shirt with us years ago, but today he acknowledges his horizons have expanded. Krist usually bottoms on cam, also for the large part, he likes that role in your home as well. Today, artwork will imitate life as Aiden creates his much-anticipated introduction, and he will use the backdoor to get it done! Krists back door to be specific. They all break the ice, throwing around a basketball. But short lived, as Krist goes in to get a kiss. They begin kissing softly as they begin to undress. The chemistry between them is moan as they slowly suck face and permit their hands to research every other. Aiden is the initial one in the enthusiast, and Krists lips shortly find his rock hard cock. Aiden is smooth from head to toe, and even his balls and crotch are hair loose. Krist proceeds to work on Aidens meaty shaft because he laps and sucks on his cock, shoving his fist on it before slapping his face . Krist enjoys sucking Aidens fat cock, and Aiden loves the visual as Krist gets lost in his own lust. Then its Aidens turn, as he receives between Krists legs and goes to work on his cock. Aiden blows Krist for a few, but the lure of the sweet ass is too much to withstand. He flips Krist goes to work, exploring that hole he will soon bury his throbbing meat into. Krist yells as Aidens tongue investigates his back door. Aiden spreads his lips open as his love gap winks in Aiden, beckoning him to make himself at home. Dont you love if this occurs!? Not able to resist its allure, Aiden suits upward, lubes that candy ass, and dives in. He shoves his prick in and starts fucking Krist deep. Aiden buries his dick to the noise of Krist begging him for longer. Ohhh, Pound me! , he groans, as Aiden fucks him harder. Aiden then lies on the couch and has Krist sit on his dick as Krist starts to ride his penis. Krist, an avid wrestler, easily scatter his hot ass up and down on Aidens aching meat. The look on Aidens face says it all because he receives his cock serviced by one gifted ass. Aiden then wants his control , and places Krist on his trunk and begins to fuck him missionary. A view from behind both offers us an awesome view of Aidens own magnificent ass as it climbs and falls, fucking the hell out of Krists receptive ass. I want you to cum, Aiden coos. I wanna see you shoot around your chest. Aiden picks up the pace and fucks Krist faster and deeper. That’s the trick. Once Krist is near cumming, Aiden hauls his own beef out and fingers Krist to orgasm because he splatters his hot load all over his smooth navel. Aiden isnt far behind, as he immediately straddles Krists chest and requests him to turn his face as he coats his torso and face with his thick load. Krist got a fuckand a facial! Some guys have all of the luck.

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