Airport Inspection: Robin.. –


When the Alluring Aron Ros is sent in for Review robin Valej is in charge of Airport Security.

Robin checks Aron bag, discovering some sex toys. This gives a few thoughts to Robin and he soon has his cock out and is shoving it in to Arons mouth. Robin bares his torso as Aron suck on that cock. Then they both get nude, with Robin laying on the table to get Aron to continue sucking him. Once Robin is filled with how Aron suck his that he moves on to something longer, bending around Aron to look at his bum. He inserts a toy. His dick slides within and fucks Aron, once the ass is opened . Robin has Aron turn over onto his back, so he could wank himself because he chooses the cock Since he fucks that hole. Aron enjoys the sensation of cock in his ass and shoots his hot cum all over his tummy. Then moves so that he is kneeling on the seat, carrying that dick deep in his hole . The fucking is kept up by robin till his balls tighten and he’s ready to shoot. He pulls and sparks his creamy load all over Arons ass.

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