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Petite sex kitten Alexa Nova makes her first appearance in The Popes dungeon. Her slim and delicate frame becomes bent backwards to an extreme arch that pulls her skin exposed and taut to evil goals of impact play. Over attacking all-natural tits and her nipples with a thick leather flogger the Pope works front of her body. She cries out in pain and squirms as she tries to avoid his unkind intentions. However, the bondage is unescapable and unkind and each struck sends shock waves of pain coursing through her tiny body. As the pain raises her pussy responds by getting wet with desire. Do anything he tells her to do and this pain slut wants nothing more than to please her man handler. But this isnt about exactly what she needs and she moans into The Popes depraved desires. A frenzied summit is reached by his anger as her body dangles helplessly from the metallic bondage and so he jams a hitachi on her pussy that is greedy and watches in the orgasms uncontrollably along with lust because her body spasms. His furry friend is then tossed by the Pope and then spreads her thighs wide open. As she howls from the pain he renews his assault on her nipples and yells. She begs for mercy by digging out a blunted bit of metal into the delicate crevices of her feet and he obliged her. She screams and her feet spasm like snared seal’s flippers but there isn’t any escape in your Popes love of helpless women pain. He laughs as tears becomes incensed as she cries in the suffering of numerous climaxes also flow out of the corners of her eyes. He places her right into a squatting position that makes her firm and toned buttocks stand out and flips her over. He spanks and beats her butt until it glows bright red. Alexa whimpers muffled and choked thank-yous as The Popes hands molest her young and tiny frame. And he shoves his massive man hands right to her tiny pink pussy and rips orgasm after orgasm out of her whore hole when she cant manage another moment of abuse.

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