Alexis Love –


Alexis Love, a petite nineteen-year old girl with lots to share! She has sweet little titties, and an innocent innocence that is very evident on camera. Alexis doesn’t take her clothes off, she slithers around in them. You’ll understand why she was so eager to come into the studio. She is *tight*. In fact, she was so tight that we had to warm her up with our fingers before we even attempted to have a fling. The wait was well worth it. Once you’ve got your dick in Alexis Love’A’s sexy, you won’t be able to take it out again. We had to slow down a couple of times to allow her to gather herself. She isn’t yet used to being railed on by thick dicks, but she’s slowly learning to be more relaxed and let you see the good in her. It was much easier to have sex with Alexis Love on her hands and knees. She is also more open-minded and gentler, which you can see by her lovingly eating the whole cumshot!

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