All The Way In –


Robert Long has acquired a cult after all of his own, and his fans aren’t stranger to the 19 year olds 8.5 thick uncut slab of beef fueled by hormones which demand release and will not let a small thing such as a wedding ring get in the way. Despite having a horny new spouse at home, Robert found himself here at about the receiving end of the oral mastery of Yankee. That held off him for a while, but then he came a-knocking at our door again, this time raising the ante by fucking the hell out of Eli. Needing to get off whenever and however, to find someone as sexy as that is, we only needed to look to for football celebrity soul throb Antonio. We last saw Antonio if he had been becoming his birthday gift in the kind of ramming his huge team of a cock up Speedys hairy hole and knew he was prepared to go around for round to find the only guy who is as strikingly horny as he is: Robert. I believe that you should let’s do what we do. Antonio offered up after viewing the gear Robert was packaging. This was exactly the plan we had, too.In significantly less than thirty seconds, Antonio was already digging within his shorts; Robert had misplaced his wife beater and his own jeans. Antonio revealed that muscled, handsome type of this school athlete he is off, however, it was the stone star, world class butt that controlled Roberts attention. Robert pushed Antonio to his knees pulled his underwear off , and proceeded with a skull fucking that ended lying down on the mattress and started standing up. With Antonios Tarzan mane of hair such as a grip, Robert inserts each inch Antonios hungry throat when fingering the furry pit that has been his next destination.Grabbing Antonios ankles and spreading his legs wide, Robert pressed the thick blunt end of his cock at Antonios backdoor, also with one steadily, merciless push, did not cease until his balls were pressing Antonios ass cheeks. With his nose smashed against his pecs, Antonio took the pounding using all the clenched teeth of a guy who had been reeling with all the pleasure and pain of a dick drilling deep indoors. Antonio on all fours moved and resumed ramming pace, as Antonio pushed, slamming his hips forward, matching each thrust with a sensuous hunger combined with desire. The more the fucking proceeded, the Antonios cock got until he climbed on his knees and then fired off a load that shot across the room, landing behind the camera as Roberts load coated, then churns off Antonios back promptly after. As to that was hornier that afternoon, its difficult to say for sure. We will keep you posted.

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