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Amateur coeds Ambar Suarez and Sofia Suarez cuddle on the couch while shooting selfies, and then move on to kissing while admiring each others hot tight bodies. Ambar is the very first to begin peeling off her clothing and also the very first to reduce her thong. Soon she is leaning forward so that Sofia, down to her thong, can spoil her fingers and face within her fans greedy bald twat.Swapping spots, Ambar awakens between Sofias thighs and puts her clever tongue to perform lapping at Sofias soft bare pussy. She intimidates her tongue along with her fingers, working them in a come-here motion that pushes Sofia crazy with passion. Its not long until the horny Latina is moaning in absolute sexual bliss.Sofia isnt finished making Ambar scream despite both of the entire satisfaction. Pulling out a vibrating toy, Sofia reveals Ambar how to suck off it and then demonstrates the profound pleasure it could bring by caressing it over Ambars tender clit. Now that Ambar has a preference, she wants to press on the toy to Sofias catch as her lover presumes the doggy style position and lets the profound joy wash over her one last time as her buttocks bump and grind.

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