Anthony The Movie –


He appears retro and contemporary . . .like when Muhammad Ali was known as a Cassius Clay mixed with a dash of Will Smiths elderly brother and you’ve got Anthony; a hot mocha skinned hottie who is prepared to take a walk on the wild side along with our cameras were there to catch his very first measures. He answered, when we asked about his sexuality! While he’s never had intercourse with anything but women so far, he hadnt ruled out venturing in Man Land and seemed to be sizing up the chance pretty seriously.That talk turned into the sizing of other things, particularly the bulge in his jeans which has been causing the zipper to seem as though it was about to burst. He peeled off his tank top showing a torso beneath his dog tags, then a tat onto his arm as he turned round, just one cute uses. Playing with the camera like a fiddle, he teases us before the last minute, inching down those black towels showing a coal black bush and then finally, a thick, thick cut, gleaming missile of a cock, dripping precum and begging for your tongue like a chocolate fudgesicle melting from the hot sun. Rolling around to show that buttocks, he seemed not sure whether he wanted that hole his or her penis in a hole. . .or maybe he was sure he enjoyed how he felt! We could tell he was building a load up soon his sack looked just like twin plums that are bloated; a thick gush another then the other of thick jizz followed. In addition to the semester hetero-flexible, we learned something. . .sometimes the sweetest fruits possess the juice!!

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