Ashlynn Leigh, caught.. –


In a city like San Francisco, smoking cigarettes is a crime without comparison. While thieves, murderers and Catholics might be taught the error of their ways and rehabilitated, the smoker can be a degenerate who deserves no mercy.Or therefore teacher’s assistant Ashlynn Leigh learns when Bobbi Starr, the dean, grabs her while taking a couple of snaps and thinking about taste country in the locker area. As punishment for your centre’s rigorous no-smoking coverage and for potentially corrupting the pupils, Bobbi puts Ashlynn at a rehabilitation center for 24 hours. Although she’s protests, the demand for a pay check outweighs her sense of injustice about the situation.In the rehab center, mind warden Isis Love lays down the principles on the otherwise indifferent Ashlynn. Restraining her with handcuffs, Isis reveals how the tools of her trade can be the agents of pleasure and pain. Ashlynn is teased with Tasers, igniting with electricity whenever she removes her clothing for the prurient interests of their warden. Rehabilitation is far out of her mind and to start, Ashlynn’s elbows and torso are all wrapped, framing her tits to Isis to play with.Then, with thighs spread-eagled onto a mattress, Isis takes control of Ashlynn’s nerves, the current causing them to worry at her will. However, Isis can not resist administering as much satisfaction as she does distress, fucking Ashlynn’s worn pussy having an aluminum plug. Isis concludes the sentence using a metal plug in Ashlynn’s buttocks and a dick-on-a-stick within her cunt, double penetrating her while tied .

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