Bailey Brooks –


Hello all and welcome to the newest assembly of the Interracial Blowbang. Todays menu is Bailey Brooks. Growing up in White America she wasnt allowed to date or even be viewed with black guys. But what daddy doesnt know wont hurt him. Shes a smoking white woman with years of cock frustration built up within her. Lucky for us, were planning to let her take it out to us. Because shes used to suck limp white noodles it took some time to get her mouth wide enough to consume black dick. Obviously people stretched that mouth open so shed never have trouble taking big black dick. The spit coming from her mouth covered our dcks in addition to made a pool on the floor. Check out just how white woman stuffs balls in her mouth showing not all white folks do the bare minimum when it comes to taking care of business. Her cocksucking talents made us temporarily forget the evils of the white mans ways. We held out for as long as possible till it was time to put her in black jizz. We took our time as most of us got no jobs because The Man runs matters….for now.

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