Beautiful Mistress of the.. –


Kelli Lox has been a very long time, loyal minion for the mistress of the nighttime, Jet Setting Jasmine. Jasmine is into bringer her new blood a hot ebony vampire that recruits Kelli Lox. Jasmine never believed Kelli had been worthy although kelli was so loyal for so long and shes becoming excited for Jasmine to turn her into a vampire. Lust for orgasms and blood are insatiable when Kelli reveals a couple of secrets of her own to Jasmine, Jasmine. Jasmine ties up her long time helper who is dressed in black latex that compliments her perfect slender body and skin tight red. Jasmine reveals Kellis huge pulsating cock. The blood drives Jet setting jasmine mad. She sucks on the cock and makes her undead pussy prepared to take the cock that is pounding. Jasmine moves body stocking and also takes her off. Until both women cum hard, jasmine rides Kellis hard meaty cock. Knowing how special Kelli is, so these two sexy lesbian vampires will suck off each other all the time Jasmine is going to finally turn Kelli. Hot bondage blowjob followed by fucking!

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