Beretta James Live Show -.. –


Beretta is exposed to delightfully predicament bondage within this. Claire Adams along with Mz Berlin torment Beretta while she is sitting at a metallic stock system. She given orgasm a great deal and denial of nipple torment and is then pulled into a standing crouch from the metallic apparatus. In scene 2 Beretta becomes a latex . She is set up in a latex head horn and jump spread two poles. Claire pushes her about. She is merely a puppet. Missy Minks is set up in a cage in the background to keep witness to Beretta’s attack. In metal at a kneeling arch, Beretta is jump in scene three. She is tested by mz Berlin and Claire makes Beretta kneel on hard rice that is nasty. On all fours like a bitch in heat, the cunt is obligated in the final place. Her throat is in her waist a wooden stock collar and limbs. Claire challenges her to shoot a dose of corporal then double penetrates her with dildos the 2 Dommes take turn weilding. Missy watches in astonishment and awe of Beretta’s ability to withstand extreme bondage scenarios.

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