Big titted blonde Angel.. –


In part one of our live BaRS (bondage and rough sexual ) Sexuallybroken series, Angel Allwood understands the very first clue of what exactly she’s in for-the most intense, fast paced and relentless dicking right down a cunt will ever encounter. All live, no breaks, no winner. Only the roughest and most eager of pussy can handle what we dish outthere. Can Angel? Is this true life swinger up to the job? She’s done sufficient homework to preparehellip;We start off with tying off those magnificent melons out and up so they look fit to exploding. Reshaping her breasts to our joy reminds Angel of her purpose in life…to be a cock sheath for any dick that wanders by. A leather blindfold, collar and cuffs shows her helpless feeling. Once the gift has been correctly wrapped we fall her to her knees and put her to use. One after the other the dicks reshape her neck because Angel drools and gurgles.This is just the warmup. Angel has a very long day ahead of her. As soon as we want to see those pretty blue eyes we tear off the blindfold and Angel stares up at us glassy-eyed and dazed. Her makeup is destroyed and we’re only getting this party started. 10 inches of BBC tattoo their ribbon on her tonsils as Angel struggles to survive her coaching. Time to move onto the main course. We pull up her and bend over, sinking dwelling to the hilt. Angel yelps in admiration as she is throughly plowed. We shoot her from both ends, turning Angel into a sexual sandwich. She is finally starting to get an concept about what exact;y she is in for now. We drop this dazed MILF right down to her knees to await another place. Angel crouches down into a mist of hair and smeared makeup, drool dazed and coated. Part two must be even better…

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