Bobbi Starr: Look But Don’t.. –


John Jammin isn’t a stranger to Divine Bitches. He has worked for the site, but he’s never had the opportunity to experience being put in his place and providing a celestial bitch the proper worship and entry she’s deserves.Divine Bitches’ Queen Bee Maitresse Madeline matches the virgin plaything to the skilled and unkind Mistress Bobbi Starr. John is not just expected to carry out her fantasies without reservation, but he to worship the ground she walks . But then again, that’s true of almost any Divine Bitch John experiences now.With his arms tied behind his back, Bobbi begins John’s course in servitude by humiliating him with glowing, red lipstick, even a suitable color of whore rouge for John’s new calling, while he declares, licks and learns to appreciate Bobbi’s toes and shoes.But simple embarrassment is not enough to get Bobbi. Tied within a saw horse, the strap-on of Bobbi violates the ass of John. His ordeal is just started, although she laughs because he grits his teeth in misery. She does some cock and match play clothes pins. She has John quiver with the expectation of a horn, and she pulls since he is being fucked hard like the bitch that he is.To be honest, John did not come to entire world of the Divine Bitches expecting anything less than the ordeal he obtained. He did not come expecting any enjoyment for his first time, so at least, not until he proves himself to the bitches. Bobbi test to show his worth is currently smothering his face with pussy and her ass , letting him take in her scent. Although Bobbi is charitable to get a moment, she dons his face with a far superior cock fucks John’s face until it makes her cum.The torment of being able to merely look, but not signature, Bobbi’s ideal pussy and flawless asshole drives John over the border and he blows his load TWICE!

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