Boys Naughty Desires –


Hot damn!! Who&severe;s that adorable little thing hitch hiking? I pull over along with a frazzled scantily dressed Bailey Paige jumps in my car. Poor Bailey got into a fight with her boyfriend and then that he left her to the side of this road. Aren´t you happy some dirty old guy didn&severe;t pick you up doll? Would you mind if we stop at my shop I forgot to put the alert. Bailey is really distraught and thankful for the ride she insists. We enter my store and I catch her in a choke hold putting a kn against her throat. I throw the small scared thing on a dirty mattress and immediately tie her wrists behind her backagain. Awww infant didn&severe;t your momma teach you not to take rides from strangers? You must´t needed this!! I turn my back to grab more rope along with the very small bimbo jumps up and runs off. She gets into the door and I grab her yanking her back and throwing her back on the mattress. I put in a rope to her legs placing her into a nice tight frog tie to get simple access tying her down neon high heels. You should be grateful missy – that I got you apart from your douche bag boyfriend. Hearing you beg is causing me moist little one. Adorable Bailey sobs and begs for mercy but I am determined to get her great and tied down. How old is the boyfriend doll – he must be the same age as my kid! I catch a dildo and push it in the bitch´s mouth. Good little cock sucker make that mouth prepared for my own son. Bailey chokes and gags and that I taunt her cute little tits and grabbing her tight pussy. She sobs once I XXXX a much larger dildo to her mouth. Get used for this doll – choke baby doll!! I XXXX her mouth open and twist a ring gag between her lips XXXX her mouth open. The drool instantly begins to pour from her mouth. I leave Bailey alone fighting and wiggling about the bed while I call my son to take advantage of the helpless young thing.

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