Brand New TS Talent – Gina.. –


Welcome newcomer, Gina Hart into

Gina is silent and shy at first but she allows her cock do the deep in her pussy to get a sexy, action packed debut scene and talking all of the way down the throat of Mz Berlin! Gina and berlin match in their gym’s stream room and Gina is astonished at how creepy and forward Berlin has been in a steam room. It is not that she’s offended by her advances, maybe not at all, in fact she is only letting Berlin flirt long for Berlin to feel in hands. Since Berlin’s confidence grows, so does Gina’s cock that’s rapidly getting hard inside her bikini bottoms. Gina rocks Berlin with her deep, hard fucking that makes Berlin’s huge tits swaying with every thrust. The girls take their celebration to the showers too for many tit fucking and pussy licking before Gina pounds some house run orgasms from the pussy at the change room of Berlin. Gina does not disappoint with her cum shot – the novice drops a load so big she covers Berlin’s eyes!

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