Brandon & Jamie –


You need to take it a little slower with some men in relation to the with other people. Brandon, for example, was somewhat timid and nervous . But hes got a ridiculously hot body and I couldnt wait to see another guy sucked off him! “Whats happening to you now?” I inquired. “Umm, Im going to be serviced with a rim job and a blow job” “Maybe you have gotten a rim job before?” “No,” he promptly responded. “Have you ever set anything up your buttocks before?” “Nope…””Not a finger?” I asked.” …a tiny bit of a finger, but maybe not enjoy fully. “There were definitely going to be a few”firsts” going on for Brandon and there was no one greater to perform them than Jamie. They are both 21, have incredible bodies, also… we all know Jamie knows what he’s doing in regards to dick! As they both got more into 13, brandon got more and more aggressive. It was almost as if he could tell that Jamie loves getting man handled… Brandon grabbed on to Jamies mind and actually fed him his cock as deep as he could…

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