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Nadya Nabakova operates going through newspapers. The dull work gets her sleepy and as far as she attempts to remain awake, she falls asleep and cant. Her boss, Chanel Preston wakes her up and catches her sleeping by hammering back a box on her desk. Nadya says shes sorry but Chanel states some punishment is in order. Chanel lifts her gown and bends her over the desk, selects Nadya out of her chair up and spanks Nadyas buttocks until it turns pink. Next, while scolding her about sleeping on the 20, Chanel strips Nadya nude and flogs her ass and rear. Chanel sticks her hands in Nadyas mouth making them wet and ready . Chanel finger-fucks Nadyas tight pussy then has Nadya sit desk and Chanel gets outside the crop. Chanel plants Nadyas perfect perky tits, subsequently spreads her legs to get her pussy cropped making it turn pink from her skin. Chanel sets her down to the desk and then ties her tits up and ties her wrists. Binder clips are subsequently applied by her into stomach and her nipples. Chanel pulls her skirt up and informs Nadya to stick her tongue out and squeezing her pussy from Nadyas face while cropping Nadyas pussy, and doesnt stop until she makes Chanel cum. While she smashes her clit with a vibrator chanel then gets a dick-on-a-stick and fucks Nadyas pussy by it. Chanel fucks Nadyas pussy with a strap-on on her hands and knees and slides a thumb in her ass. Sporting leather cuffs plus a leather harness, Nadya gets her ass Chanel with her thighs spread on her back, biting down on a ball gag. After cumming having a cock inside her ass, Nadya wakes up at her desk, still clothed.

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