Cameron & Jake: Behind.. –


A female friend in need is a friend indeed. And he is also a cuckold! Seth is currently talking to his friend Isiah about getting his wife. Seth and deanna are attempting to get their very own little bundle of joy. But, Seth’s troops have not been finding their target, also Isiah’s place on the spot for Deanna and Seth their child that was desired. Obviously Deanna isn’t down with the design, but it is not long until she succumbs to the energy of black dick. Deanna Dare wraps her lips around the cock of her husband’s companion. The husband/cuckold/sub-human watches as his spouse pussy believes that the ability of the enormous black cock of Isiah. It is a head-scratcher as Deanna rides Isiah while her husband jerks on his very own pecker. When Isiah unloads deep within the fertile womb of Deanna, the timing for conception occurs. Seth occupies the jizz dripping out of his wife’s cunt and drops to the floor. . . .read longer

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