Captive on the hot Hungarina.. –


Hanging my laundry at the hot Spainish sunlight I’d no idea my villa was targetted by Lena King, the notorious Hungarian cat burglar. I had been appreciating the fine spring day when suddenly I had been caught from behind. She was strong and whispers in my ear Hungarian to keep silent. I’m scared and in shock, before I know it my wrists are trapped in my back and she pulls to top of my dress down. She reaches some clothes hooks and attaches to my exposed nipples. I shout into her hand so that she reaches up and pulls couple of my panties off the ground and squeezes them into my own mouth. She creates a roll of tape and then shortly the panties are held in place from the tape wrapped tightly around your head. She then marches me over to a little tree and illuminates my wrists tightly together in front of me then runs on a rope out of my bound wrists up and during a large tree branch. My wrists are pulled up high over my head. More ropes are tied to my chest then my ankles are crossed and tightly glued with them. I balance on the uneven ground along with my ankles crossed in stiletto heels. The following rope is then tied round my waist and pulled down between my legs. The bitch then pulls on the rope deep into my pussy, damned near splitting me in half. I’m left helplessly bound and gagged dangling by my wrists from the tree since she leaves me to go clean my villa. My nipples throb from the clothes pins along with the hot Spainish sun beats down unmericifully. I don&severe;t even know how long she plans on keeping me bound and gagged love this but can just hope and pray one of my neighbours can come by and save me.

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