Carlton & Harley –


Harley goes back! He managed to pull him away from his Asian girlfriend and his construction job long enough to deliver his big, uncut cock out for some ass fucking! “How is your girlfriend handling all of this?” He was asked by me. “Shes cool,” he explained. “I choose what I learn here and use it for her. She enjoys it.” “So you fuck up her ass?” “Yeah, she enjoys it,” he explained with a smile. Such a pretty white smile. Pretty green eyes too.Carlton, was really, really excited to do this movie. “I adore straight men and hes really hot,” he said, referring to Harley. “So you’re looking forward with this?” “Yeah. Hes got a gorgeous dick. “I really like Carlton. Hes always happy about everything.And he was very, very happy to get fucked and fucked hard by Harley.After Harley jizzed all over his face, Carlton was all smiles. “That felt good. Satisfying.” Harley pretty much summed it up. “Harley, what was your favorite part?” “I enjoyed the conclusion,” he said. “It felt good on my penis. I love to get control of the individual. Just kind of grab their legs and knock it out!”

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