Carpet Munching College.. –


When Leonys in the mood for some solo nastiness you know she doesnt just have a "normal" masturbation session! This chick makes sure to look fine in her satin blouse, high heels, and long gloves, and that way she can rub all over herself for a while, trying to maintain some image of classiness before the main piss event comes! This chicks spreads and bends over to rub that pussy in multiple positions, but when you see her put her head on the floor and ass in the air youll know shes up to something kinky! Sure enough, this freak wants to golden shower all over herself, letting the piss rain down on her face and glasses! Totally soaking her blouse and ending up in a puddle on the floor, this piss kinkster is proud of herself and wants you to get off on watching her nasty, piss loving self!

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