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Many people today love big cities with their crazy rhythm, also I favor the solitude and privacy of the country. Fresh air, wonderful view, the joyous sense of quiet and seclusion… Ah, is there anything greater than that? That is why this weekend I encouraged my friends and some fairly faculty chicks to my cabin in the country. It was supposed to be a enjoyable college party in the new air. You know, building a fire, having barbeques, relaxing and dancing and laughing. Well, I was also hoping to get laid also, I wont deny that. Actually this is why I invited only the most popular and filthiest college sluts that I understand. I knew that these babes could make this party truly unique, and I was right. Anyhow, it turned out that locating my cottage wasnt the easiest thing to do, and everyone was overdue. When they arrived it was getting dark already, so we started making a fire right away. Everyone was hungry and tired, so we simply sat by the firehad dinner and told each other tales. Most of them were creepy, since such stories always come to mind if you sit by the flame from the dark. Besides, they obtained our pretty and sexy party girls a bit fearful. Actually some of the girls felt so uneasy that they all sat on our knees to feel much more safe:-RRB- Soon each of the tales were told, and it got quite cold outside. We made a decision to go in the cottage and have some hot tea. However, we never had that tea. The moment we got inside we began taking our clothes off and making out. At first it was filmed, then we moved on to blowjobs, and eventually it ended up being a wildest college orgy you’ve ever seen. Imagine hot naked student girls licking and masturbating each other pussies, sucking men off and fucking like theres no tomorrow. These college girls, they went completely out of control. And damn it, it was awesome! They wanted it all: anal intercourse, anal intercourse, much double penetration! You will find five of these, so me and another two men had to do our best to get all the babes fulfilled. View this kick-ass college sex movie and check out all the hot action!

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