I´m putting on my lipstick and make my way out the door to report to work when I feel a strong arm wrapped around me and a wet rag pressed up against my face. I fight, but the masked man is much too strong and soon the room goes black. I wake up with myy hands cuffed behind my back in a desolate cement building. I don´t have any idea what happened and I make my way to the door trying to escape. The first door is locked and I desperately try the other three doors when the bastard looms in front of me and drags me to a dirty mattress on the floor. He roughly throws me down and removes the hinged handcuffs. I breath a sigh of relief, but my hope is short lived. He quickly begins to tie my elbows together cinching them painfully tight. I beg for mercy, but he tells me that he is sure my company will pay a hefty ransom for their CEO. He begins to grope me pulling my tits out of my bra and roughly manhandling me smacking my ass a few times before continuing to bind my arms from upper elbows to crossed wrists. He adds massive amounts of rope to my legs and I sob from the pain. The bandit puts a hand over mouth and calls my company demanding a huge ransom for me. I cry out into the phone and hope my agony is soon over. I am left in the horribly tight bondage and he returns much later with some water for me. I continue to cry and I beg to use the bathroom. The masked man unties my legs and helps me get to the toilet. I am so humiliated and I can´t lift my skirt to pull down my panties with my brutally bound arms. I pee through my clothing and then it is back to the mattress. The man threatens me in his gutteral menacing voice to shut up and I whimper as he uses his strength to hogtie me in an excruciating tie exposing my ass. I beg and struggle and roll away from his meaty hands, but he XXXX a huge ballgag into my mouth and wraps my head with many layers of duct tape ensuring my silence. He leaves me helpless and brutally bound moaning and sobbing on the filthy floor.

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