I attempt to sneak from their house wearing an ankle length dress that covers my insanely strappy sandals. I´m hiding acute & my spouse Jim Hunter;s credit card. See you later honey! He stops me in his paths. What exactly are you covering up with the dress that is lengthy? I sees that the sneakers and brings up the floor. Then he finds his credit card buried at the bottom and grabs my bag. He gets furious and strips my dress and panties away leaving me. Instead, he also XXXX me down and starts binding my wrists slamming my elbows and wrap rope from my elbows down to my wrists. I still think I try to talk my way from this agony negotiating and cajoling and I’ve got the top hand. Instead of stopping, he binds my legs that are crossed collectively ropes running in the bottom of my heels all the way up into the tops of my thighs. I continue to beg his forgiveness informs him of his vows of holy matrimony. He yells and creates a sign. He posts the sign in my front door to humiliate me. It feels like forever I hear the door open hoping to see him reunite and that acute I &; m bound. I look girl Skyler up and I beg for her to untie me. I lie and tell her I&extreme;ve been tied by a robber. Skyler gets scared and runs away making me helpless and brutally bound. I sob and cry out to support. Arms and my legs are numb. The door opens and it is the neighborhood sadistic creep Anthony Peters. I am afraid as he approaches with the signal. He whips out a set of nipple clamps that are horrible and sets them. I shout in pain and that then he takes the chance to push a rag deep into my mouth wrap my head with several layers of tape. He ties it on my throat putting it to a rope around waist and my legs and the back of the chair and then catches a bit of rope. I can proceed any part of my body till I can struggle and I am about groped and fondles by the bastard. I fall in and outside of XXXX left all helpless brutally bound, gagged and clamped. ***Stay prepared for some entertaining behind the scenes of the aftermath***

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