Charmaign Cums For You! –


As Mistress Kendra James and Lydia supremacy tower over their slaves; they still also notify them its stretching day. Mistress Kendra and Goddess Lydia push on their 12 inch black cocks these pitiful slaves throats. As they attempt to gasp for air Mistress Kendra and then Lydia push their cocks back into laughing at how pathetic their slaves have been all. Using their 12 inch strap-ons today lubed up with their slaves possess spit they bend these worthless bitches over and stretch there guy pussies till tears are running down their face making them shout just how much they adore being fucked by their Goddesses. With these two slaves entirely anally stretched out Mistress Kendra and Goddess Lydia use their slaves to rest their feet out of a long day of torturing their slaves.

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