Cherry Torn’s Dirty-Talking.. –


Pretty small Dresden finds herself deep in the depths of Cherry Torns dungeon, in a serious position. Nipple clamps, chest harness, a spreader bar to keep her legs apart. Cherry controls while a metallic bucket hangs out of each wrist, Dresden to hold her arms out. Rope runs through the ceiling to the nipple clamps out of her wrists. In case Dresden chooses to emphasise Cherry and drop her arms, then the tight clamps will be yanked by the rope from her delicate pink nipples. This would be exceedingly painful and a thing Dresden desperately expects to avoid. Dresdens buttocks is flogged by cherry. Dresden takes the pain and holds her arms up. Her nude ass is spanked by cherry, then flogs her bare, exposed pussy. Dresden fights through the pain, she does not wish to disappoint. Cherry puts a tight grip on Dresdens pussy. Some demanding pussy spanking and Dresdens arms neglect. . .she is exhausted but that the day has only begun. Cherry ties a vibrator into a hook and then inserts it. Poor Dresden needs to hold the buckets vertical to her side. Cherry whips her ass. Dresden struggles to keep her arms straight. So much hassle from the whip, but the enjoyment from the vibrator is even more excruciating. Dresdens knees buckle, she doesnt know if she could accept it. Her bum cheeks burn red. Dresden begs the buckets to be removed by Cherry. When Cherry leaves for a moment, Dresden steals another orgasm. This act of independence will have consequences. . .Dresden is tied up, hands behind her back, leg attached into the ceiling. Cherry grinds her pussy on the sluts face that is poor. Cherry informs her slut that shell need to perform better than this for her to forget her sluts indiscretion. Cherry smothers her sluts face. By licking Cherrys butt and pussy til Cherry cums, dresden apologize. Cherry, today in a much better disposition, is prepared to fuck Dresden, however as long as it is begged for by the slut. Fucked with a dick on a stick. Pussy hole opens upward for Cherrys dick. Now its Dresdens turn to bring it from the buttocks. Large dildo pushes into Dresdens buttocks, pressing on her G-spot. Anal doggy rectal missionary. Dresden cums over and over until Cherry turns the vibrator on himself. Dresden is desperate to lick at Cherrys moist pussy, hungry to lick at all her juice. Cherry is queen.

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