Clumsy Maid Gets Correction.. –


As two of the models enact The Clumsy Maid, The Mistress and a traditional situation, it’s lovely roleplay time. . .poor Shannon Reid! When she took a job to Ashley Bulgari, little did she know exactly what the penalties would be if she didn’t perform up to standard! Ashley doesn’t tolerate errors, and soon Shannon finds himself bound in the wrists for punishment! Do you realize why you are being chastised? Inquires of the under-performing girl. Yesma’am, says Shannon, believing the paddle lifting her chin up so she will look into the eyes of her disciplinarian again. Subsequently her uniform’s skirt is raised up and the spanking starts! If punishment is necessary, as it has become and so her mistress will have ready access to her bare botty shannon isn’t allowed to wear panties under her uniform. Shannon is shifted by ashley to the positions for the warming of her glutes, along with the smacking resounds through the space as those globes are reddened and brought to a significant temperature. Shannon strains at her bonds but she knows resistance is futile and she is going. . .why does not Mistress Ashley cease for just a while? Well, she is learning the first rule of servitude is. . .MISTRESS calls sets the principles, the shots, and judges when the correction is over! Reduced Shannon to the bed, she makes the decision to apply additional warmth. What a derriere, believes Ashley. I am so glad that Shannon messed up her actions! And her punishment will be Come back next week and find out…!

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