The doorway opens to some young lady in a skin tight dress and heels. She inquires for my son and shakes her long dreadlocks. WTF??? You&acute. And severe, isn &;t will be – I&severe;m JeC you son&severe;s woman. I am in complete shock. My son&extreme;s newest girlfriend is black! I hands on the black bitch a drink and discover out that she discovered my son. The bimbo is outside to get his money!! This will not occur!! Out she moves and Obviously I place a special ingredient to her tequila – totally limp and helpless. I catch bind and then a rope her up crossing her toes and roping them closely together. Fucking slut – what did you do? Suck his cock real good and get him hooked? Dumb bitch – his mom will look after this. I lift up her skimpy dress and over her buttocks exposing her glowing pink lace panties and thigh high stockings. A couple cracks onto her round limp and ass and out. I tie her wrists behind her back while intense & she . Fucking whore won&severe. I roll the bitch above and move the locks out of her face – wake up I straddle her while she still fights to untie her wrists and then I shove her down onto the ground. Here&severe;s a present for you ?? Some wonderful Italian pussy juice. She wiggles her way back up on her knees and now that I take the chance to push my wet juicy panties to her mouth. You enjoy your dirty mouth – severe & don;t you Well let&severe;s keep them there with a few foam tape that is micro. Don´Can you large lips look so good covered with all the tape?? I choose to rope up her pussy yanking it so tight that the idiotic cocky bitch jerks off the floor. What a one you are – . I make sure that the rope finish off it and is cutting in to her buttocks . You seem so good tied just like the hog. I come back with my Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator and saunter off for a few minutes watching her roll round. Here you go baby!!! Let&severe;so see that you and the orgasms which shortly will overtake your body!!! struggle Since the girl starts to cum repeatedly I laugh.

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