Couples Fantasy Part 3 –


Dolf starts to fantasize because hes about Derek. Dolf loves shower sex and has been dreaming about this moment for quite a while. Derek is lathered up in soap down since they like there shower, providing Dolf a stare. For a few passionate kissing and rubbing they move in after some eye contact. Their hands research tattoo in their bodies leading up sucking on Dereks penis and every muscle. They switch back and forth till Dolf is prepared to eat this ass sucking on dick and pushes up Derek from the wall to spread his legs far and wide. Dolf loves a fairly tight hole as he suckles on Dereks prepared that is pink hole and bends. They thats Dolf is prepared to begin fucking and also to meet his needs and dry off. As Dolf goes difficult and strong feeling Dereks butt stretch each and every time he thrusts in and 26, derek is pushed up against the wall. They proceed to the ground to finish what they started and they end up coated in cum they both want a taste therefore Dolf licks his and Dereks cum and they kiss passionately.

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