I&severe;ve ever been partners in crime with alluring redhead Sarah Brooke for a lengthy time, but she&severe;s been a total bitch. She threatens to get another spouse and insults me saying I & severe; m old and slow. We split in to case the latest house and that I come up empty handed that pisses off Sarah. Sarah lucks out and discovers a bag filled with jewels beneath the mattress – a score that is excellent. She decides not to divide the take with me as she&extreme;therefore walking out she drops to the floor clutching her head and receives really woozey. I laugh and pounce on the bitch placing my booted heel as she crawls away fumbling to open up the doorway. I roll her up and start linking up her jacking her wrists into a tight chicken wing pinning her wrists that are down to her thighs. I tie her ankles and mock her letting her know I am taking the jewels as my very final heist. I grope her tits and put in more rope putting the brat woman in a tight hogtie using her bound elbows to arch her back . Sarah grunts in the pain of this bondage. I need to shut her mouth up so I force a bandana profoundly between her lips and then seal it in tight and nice using tape that is thick. Severe & sarah;s large eyes widen in panic as she’s silenced. Her rolls taunting her a bit before I leave her moaning to the gag tied so tight she&intense;s able to struggle in any way.

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