Cuck ‘Em All #03, Scene #04 –


Mr. Stone has broken the legs, arms, arms and suffered additional internal injuries from a bike wreck that he simply had. What the hell is that a 50 year-old man doing riding a bike his wife Blair exclaims. And she will be without sex for eight months. Mr. Stones understands his slutty decoration bride will definately stray. He could not live behind his back with her fucking other men. He must be in control of this situation, if she will do it. So he talks the physician who checks up on him into doing the deed. Blair is more than happy to fuck the great looking physician with proceeds and the cock to get it done right on the bed with her husband that is broken. The pain he endures from the couple fucking on him has to be greater than knowing she is fucking others covertly. And thus began Mr. Stones lifetime for a cuckold.

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