Cum All Over That Crack: She.. –


Thief Jenna Sativa Divides into the home of Angela White at the middle of the night.

However, the individual owns a gun and shes cries with one eye open. When Jenna creates a sound sneaking through the gates, then Angela wakens from her slumber. The homeowner grabs her glock, slides a robe over her nude body and heads out to protect the perimeter. Angela finally gets to your own bedroom and combs through every area of the home. There she finds that a female thief old enough to get school, smelling them, and yanking panties out of her dresser. Angela yells to freeze or shell shoot and targets the pistol. Jenna raises her hands not wielding a weapon the shes. If Angela threatens to phone the police, Jenna drops upon her knees. She’s three strikes and this will definitely set her away . Angela puts the gun to question her guest down. With all the fearlessness of a trained assassin, Angela lifts the goods she required to be inspected by Jennas shirt. She pulls down yanks and Jennas trousers more stolen panties that Jenna stuffed inside her panties. Angela wonders what to do with her. Jenna pleads shell do anything to prevent prison. Jennas mouth is stuffed by angela using the panties. walks and asks when she offended her like that how discard like it. Angela begins to control the perpetrator of the panty theft, pulling her clothes off and smacking her tits. Jenna looks at Angela submissively and allows Angela distribute her punishment. Angela White shoves Jenna Sativa face down on the mattress and spanks her bare ass. The underwear muffle jennas cries of pleasure. Angela sucks her perky tits and rolls up her. Jenna licks Angela tongue once she begs to fuck her and places it in her mouth. Angela flips her upside down, splays her thighs and tongues her holes. She tells her to things that the underwear in her pussy, and lesbian Jenna obeys. Angela rubs her clit until her eyes rolls and licks at her asshole. Angela eliminates her satin robe, revealing her huge all-natural breasts and large nipples. She straddles Jenna confront, lowers her moist pussy onto yanking on and her lips her hips as the burglar sucks an orgasm from her clit. Angela plants pushes her slim throat while the lesbians grind another cum and her hot pussy onto Jennas pussy. Angelas punishments maintain the lesbians cumming. Can that panty thief Jenna find her lesson?

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