Cuntfessions –


Samsara has to be among the whiniest models Matt Williams has come across. Each and every thing he goes to perform to her begs away from, begs for forgiveness, but Matt is here to ensure it is very clear that she’s begging the incorrect individual. The only one who will pardon her, and forgive her, discharge her from her torment, is God, so he should be the one she is asking. And since the road to righteousness is penance, Matt is going to help Samsara and that.Matt supplies her with a ball gag and a blindfold to ensure she can encounter is the pain of her punishment. He ties her legs so that they are spread apart and uses rope to create a harness for her breasts so tight and so thorough her tits turn a dark purple out of the cut off flow. He then ties her neck rope to the ceiling so she is choking herself, and begins caning her titsher ass, and whatever other bit of her body he can achieve. She lets out shouts of pain which are muted with her ball gag and deliver drool spilling down on her chest, but she isn't done for her sins however, also Matt isn't achieved with fun with her.He ties Samsara so that she is lying face down along with a box with her wrists tied to her hair, holding her legs and her mind up several inches away from the box. He removes her gag, he then comes in hard using all the flogger, beating her buttocks as she lets out screams and yells pleading with him . But mercy isn't his job, his job is to make her feel the pain of her penance, so he moves on. He takes out the hitachi and vibrates her pussy till she could 't cum anymore and gets her plead directly with her god if she wants any remaining tonight.

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