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Sandra Sanchez poses in pink knee-high stockings, as well as black stiletto pumps with mary jane straps across her insteps. Oh yeah, she’s also wearing a little pleated skirt and top which show off her splendid body, but those shoes are the first focus of my attention. They are really, really sexy with their dangerously pointy heels, high platforms, but most of all, with those delicate little straps which are both elegant and kinky as they keep her feet tightly in the shoes. We get shots of Sandra posing in the pumps, laying on her tummy, and bending her legs so she can hold the heels. The DDF cameras capture huge closeups so we can worship the shoes on our computer screens. But Sandra won’t be satisfied with shoe worship. She parts her thighs and we discover she has no panties under that teeny skirt. She pulls aside her top and shows us her nipples too. This blonde beauty doesn’t just want a foot or shoe slave. We have to eat her pussy and lick her ass, too! She takes off the shoes, sucks on the heels, and then slides the heels into her pussy and asshole. She parts her lady lips with both heels and sticks a pink-stockinged foot in our faces. Her toes look delectable through the filmy nylon!After she rolls her stockings down her legs to make them into anklets, she puts her shoes back on and stands before us in her almost regal nudity, her hands on her hips. It looks like it’s time to worship Miss Sandra’s butt on our way down to those shoes again. I know my tongue is ready–how about yours??

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