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One of the members, holy Babbling FuckOK, requested for it. Happy New Year! I thought I would start the year off having screaming orgasms. . .There is something when a lady’s face is contorted into a powerful climax — but Darling takes the cake will FUCKING BLOW YOU AWAY. She has this thing as she is coming again her brain does & coherent or nothing cuter can get past her lips. This gorgeous, sexy girl is somebody who has an on/off change which occasionally gets stuck…. She tells me it is either on or off, but for this week’s I tried to dismiss the fuse & see if the change could burn out. Well she made the best of me, kind of…;–RRB- She never gave in, but the day has just so many hours, & we really did not need to go into overtime shooting her crying, babbling orgasms all through the night.This shoot can also be for its tickle torture fans out there. The only thing which was more of a turn-on for me was distracting Darling in mid-orgasm using a bit (really a lot) of tickle torture. Some people say laughing has no location in bdsm; please don’t tell me what you think after you see this… If you still have a problem with the concept that tickling has no location in torture, try requesting Darling as she tries to catch her breath.For the moment there’s a problem with the zip download to get wmv versions of the videos. You download the zip variants in addition to CAN still right click/save on them. We’re focusing to get them.

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