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After two stepsisters move to Los Angeles in the wake of their fathers untimely death they cross paths with a coven of witches when one among them swipes about the dating profile that is incorrect. Sister Lucy (Abigail Mac) finds out her hookup Willow (Melissa Moore) is a vampire soon as soon as they meet. She slated for death, then is seduced into an all-girl orgy with her dates whole family. Lucys date convinces the chief to spare Lucys lifetime and turn her into a vampire. Confused and afraid, home runs and starts to feel the effects of the turning. Her blind sister Ella (Shyla Jennings) attempts to intervene. Lucy tells the whole strange story and also her sister pledges to rescue her damned soul.The following afternoon, Lucy wakes up into a phone from a stranger (Serena Blair) who knows about the witches. She strongly advises the sisters to leave the house for their own security. Accept her offer to pick up them and they decide to heed her advice. The stranger drives them to her safehouse in the undead, underneath a church, stocked with ammunition and garlic. She is a vampire hunter and attempts to isolate them. Her husband implores her to catch although lucy is slow to trust the stranger. The stranger is a doctor and provides hope. It might be possible to undo her condition. She is able to help.Lucy submits to a medical exam and lets her naked body be scrutinized. The doctor reveals the only way Lucy can eventually become human again will be to remove pioneer of the coven. The sisters and their own vow stick together. Serena provides them survival tools due to their own mission. She tells Lucy she’s to prepare by feeding her her power now. She elaborates, and Lucy resists, but the blind sister slides her hand between Lucys thighs to create her cooperative.Soon the threesome of lesbians are nude and sucking each others hard nipples, full breasts and juicy pussies. Serena takes her period while the vampire gets face-fucked by her sister, licking on Lucys meaty lips. Serena makes her keep going, although drained of all energy, Lucy finally cant take it anymore. And her sister pitches in to help. The lesbians type a string of mouth ass, licking and nibbling and making each other cum. Lucy sticks her hands and extracts its own juice. Her sister joins in. The threesome take turns cumming over and over again and tribbing others pussies, riding each others tongues!

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