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Im using a day inside which I enjoy bestrelaxing in a diaper:-RRB- am wearing a skimpy silk gown and my little feet are bare. Underneath my dress I’ve got on a very DC Amor diaper. Its white with small images of wolves on it, which goes well with the flowers on my dress as I just enjoy nature. My DC Amor is full to the brim, and that I desire a change, although im sat enjoying the opinion of the garden. As much as I adore the tight and soaking wet sense of a diaper that is exploding, this one just cant take any more. I have a Rearz Safari diaper to hand, and that I just take the DC Amor and change to the new one. It feels very nice, which softens the blow of taking off the DC Amor, as it is so pleasurable strapping on a brand-new rustling diaper, and getting used to the feel of it because it ignites your bum for the first time. And the thing to remember isthe fresh ones never stay dry for long )

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