Deceit and Desire, Part 1 –


Davey Faye, a lonely worker at the office, is late at night when Fox Acecaria arrives, a lovely woman in crisis. Fox Acecaria has an urgent need and tells a thinly veiled story about her car troubles. She needs the phone. Naturally, Davey’s suspicious. Davey is suspicious when Fox admits to her attraction. Davey follows Fox to the nearby warehouse and notices a collection of bondage toys and a large wooden cross. Davey is lonely, ready for action but doesn’t realize what kind of predicament it’s in. Fox will bind Davey’s wrists using leather shackles. Davey agrees to this. Fox is now chained to the cross and Fox finally lets her know what she really wants: information about Davey’s boss who may be involved in a dirty enterprise. Davey pleads ignorance, and so the boxing gloves are brought out. Davey becomes a boxer, and takes the punches while denying all knowledge. Now it is time to take off the gloves! Fox’s hands touch Davey’s skin and grope at him. Davey is driven crazy by Fox’s thumping and punching. Fox reaches between Davey’s thighs and caresses Davey’s sex. Davey is a savor at her touch. Fox knows she will get more pleasure from inflicting pain than pleasure. Dispensing pain can be so much fun. Fox is a leather flogger for Davey. The flogger stings Davey’s naked flesh and turns their backs red. Fox places Davey’s head on the wooden box and holds their lower half in the air. Fox fingers Davey’s pussy. Fox lubricates her strap-on and slips it into Davey’s excited pussy. This is exactly what Davey had hoped for. Fox climbs on Davey’s box and straddles him, dipping that dildo into his heart. Davey eventually gives in to intense feelings and then moaned, not being able to conceal the joy. Davey is then flipped over by her, with both legs extended in the air. Davey is in dire need of this. Davey doesn’t care about their boss. Fox starts to get down to business, and Davey is compelled by his ferociousness. Fox plays with Davey’s ans and rolls him over. Inserted is a beautiful red glass plug. Davey must relax in order to accept the plug. She has to keep it and get fucked by the pussy. Fox will help Davey if they get fucked right. It is a tight fitting situation. Davey, a limp and quivering mass of flesh is now willing to say or do whatever the lover wants.

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