Denni Spreads It –


Jessie Colter”Cut-Throat”Ht: 6’2″ WT: 195lbs Season W/L record ( 0-0)Jeremy Stevens”Stonewall”Ht: 6’0″ WT: 195lbsSeason W/L record (0-0)You may recognize Jessie Colter and Jeremy Stevens from KinkMen but you’ve never seen them fight on NK. Both fighters are desperate for the win and more important, the right to fuck. Jessie is confident his strong legs and upper body strength are all he’ll need to win this fight. Jeremy isn’t worried, he thinks his opponent is too pretty and dainty to even pose a threat. Jessie sets the pace for the fight, quickly sitting on Jeremy’s face and punching his rock hard abs. Jeremy answers right back, catching Jessie in a deep cradle and smacking his ass till he screams at the top of his lungs. Morgan Black happens to show up early for his fight and is so hot and horny from watching that he can’t help but bring his hard cock to the sex round. Sexy, raw action and the stakes set high, make this one hot match you won’t soon forget.

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