Discovery Girls: Part Two –


Last time Discover Girls Part 1 we saw Sierra prevent Scarlett from carrying things too much. Scarlett wasnt so impressed, however, lets just see what happens the morning after. As our two beautiful stars wake Breakfast is the first thing on their minds, but its not so long until yesterdays labyrinth of bliss has been slowly currently rolling back by their minds. Scarlett has an idea that is even better, although sierra thinks its a good idea to see the video again! Why not get dressed and go searching for more of her parents flocked evidence!Once their hunt gets under way, it doesnt take long until Sierra has found a pouch drawer. Sierra hasn’t employed a toy before and Scarlett recommends Sierra put the toy to work with. It doesnt take much convincing before Sierra is excited to test what sex feels like, inviting Scarlett so come watch. Sierra needs they watch the film again, and Scarlett sets up everything to get started. Sierra demonstrates to need some schooling and is about to begin. While rubbing her shaved pussy beneath her panties, scarlett uses her fingers kissing her on the lips. Sierra measures from her panties and contains Scarlett keep to rub with the glass dildo at her pussy. Watch the toy because its fed inside Sierras tight pussy, as Scarlet nourishes Sierras pussy using the pink pole, and Scarlett guides it to get Sierra so horny she is moaning time and time again. While writhing the toy within her scarlett spanks Sierra. Soon, Scarlett uses her mouth to nourish the toy involving legs that are Sierras. Sierra requires a twist to direct the toy involving Scarletts legs. We see Sierra utilize her mouth to lick and suck at Scarletts pussy. Finally, Scarlett has exactly what shes. Her friend enduring a blast of pleasure, allowing her ride her face, and making her cum following a lengthy run of screaming and moaning in the thrawls of bliss, teasing her to get wet. They continue kissing and cuddling when Scarletts fantasy is finished.

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