Double Doug –


Its only been a few of weeks, but we only had to bring our thick, local charmer called Darius Cobra. For those of you unfamiliar this 33 thick, with Darius, Cuban Papi is a Miami boy who gets lots of local trade on his own pingn that is uncut. Hes now dating a woman who gives him plenty, but its simply. If he confessed, he laughed: Girls say they dont need to try itbut end up carrying it all anyhow. Were certain once he gets moving, it could be hard for everyone to tell him to stop with these bedroom eyes and his charm. Its the still waters that run the strangest. Anyone for a swim? Now, weve introduced our newest local find together with a few of the fan favorites we havent seen in a little while, Mr. Ronald Casis. Ronny is another giant, and is 27. In the shape of a fuck stick his giant is placed beneath in 511; although he might be a towering 63 like Darius. This Colorado native is the silent, disarming kind, but dont allow the demeanor on either of these two fool you. Darius romp included a 9 penis orgy with 5 poles and insufficient pockets and Ronny spent the last 3 weeks banging a number he was friends with, knowing. That made it hotter! He beams. Dont allow the subtle charms lure you in like we said; you’re ensured one hell of a ride, however enticed. So you might want to consider your alternatives. (GIVE IN! –Its win/win) Shes prepared to do anything. Thats hot. …I love super slutty–it leaves them unique! Boasts Ronny because he settles in for a stroke session. Ronny likes to see pornography. It makes him beg na watch it and knock off all day also. Get more comfy with each other and they each start to lose clothes because they strip down. We’ve got Ronny sitting on the sofa back in his briefs Since the ice breaks, and Darius groping himself on the couch. His briefs drop and releases his fuck stick that is thickening. As they select a sofa to stroke darius follows match. Ronny lubes his thick beef while he slathers it up, holding it and caressing it with all the other as you would a snake. Just that pet snake is the sort of snake other people really wish to pet. While Ronny getting his meat prepared and is stroking, Darius is quietly beating on his uncut meat. Darius sneaks glances at Ronnys dick in a Whose. As to compare dimensions, he jokingly rolls on his side in Ronnys management. It isnt long till they both are jacking off inches from each other, sword to sword, watching how they measure up. We now get a much better perspective of both of these titans and all they have to offer. They are both manly and have enough meat to choke a horse(Decision No horses were harmed during the filming of this video).After stroking a bit, Ronny kneels on the sofa and leans forwards, revealing of his candy ass as he proceeds stroking his massive meat underhand. Darius wastes no time before hitting over and slapping against Ronnys hot ass. Ronny goes back at him over his shoulder and goes with the moment as Darius slaps his ass a couple more times. Hmmm. Theres a first for Ronny. Well have to see where that might lead later on. For now, both of these are currently stroking away on over 17 of baby makers. They shed a bit more of the inhibitions, as they become hotter, Darius eyes are glued to Ronnys penis because he jacks his dick. By now, they are placing in a traditional Scissor place. (. . .made popular with lesbians and a seamstress or two). Both of these studs are placing nut sack into nut sack as they stare down at their meat and see the others inches south in their own. Its hot watching these studs trying to not be clear in their fascination with each others gear. The interest is fueling them , also it isnt long until Darius thick body begins to tense up. So do his or her wane, as his strokes intensify. As a ribbon of seed is pumped to the atmosphere he moans aloud. Seeing the fireworks is enough to deliver Ronny over the border as he laps his beer can dick to an explosive finale. Nothing but sighs is heard as those two try to catch their breath and lay along with the other. Parting words: Not bad in any respect. We certainly second that emotion

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