Double Trouble –


Endza each and kleio Valentien idea that they were planning to meet with a man a person they could grab dinner or possibly coffee together, from the internet, plus he show them that a good moment. Well, that last part is true, although he's going to show them the way HE has a good moment. Jack is interested in creating hot ladies suffer. He's got a blond and a brunette,” Kleio along with Endza, locked and hooded, waiting for his return. They know that it can ' t be good, although they ' ve got no clue what he ' s got or where they are planned. Endza is powerful. Resist and she s going to fight somewhat, as opposed to merely submit. Kleio is feeble. She wastes no time begging Jack to concentrate his attention. “She’s 'so fresh, she'therefore innocent, you don't want me.” It doesn't matter to Jack. He also doesn't care for their pasts, just their futures. A future filled with rope bondage , floggers, and triggered orgasms.

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