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Since Daisy Ducati, ebony goddess and long-running athlete with magically squirting legs graced Fucking Machines’ set, it has been too long. Her tight, pink pussy toys and she dives in headfirst. To get her shitty, she teases her delicate clit until it is ready for her to go. She spreads her open arms and allows the machine she is interested in to touch her. Daisy experiences many more orgasms as the intensity of her fucking machine increases. Daisy squirts her lover juices on herself and the machine, and she smiles with the devious smile of a hungry whore that only wants more. As she fucks herself into a sweaty mess, the steam from her ejaculation radiates out of the fucking device. The world then sees her beautiful legs and divine ass. We can see her massive dildo as she probes into her magical pussy. She opens her mouth and spreads her cheeks. She squirts yet another large amount all over her and the set and soaks everyone to the bone. She gets up on the ground to finish the day and turns the engine at maximum speed. As the machine bangs on her, she squirts incessantly. Daisy, however, is insatiable. She wants more. She is lucky that Daisy, the female fucking machine, never stops fucking her. Daisy is a delight and builds one more huge squirt, which soaks every inch of everything in a radius of ten feet. Daisy Ducati is sprayed everywhere by the fastest, most fucked-up machines! !

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