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Amethyst, a newbie with a lot of sex and the need to dominate others, is very sexy. This is her dream job. She’s been an avid fan for a while. First, she is placed in lotus pose with her arms folded behind her back. She is then embraced by the Pope, who begins to play with her. Amethyst cannot stop the Pope and so, the torture begins. The nipple clamps are used to terrorize her nipples, as well as her stomach. Her pussy gets flogged and her ass is broken. She is now ready for the next scene. The ultimate position of helplessness is to be in an eagle-like position, with her legs and arms spread out wide. Before she can experience the next round of sexual pleasures, she is put through more pain and torture. The Pope ends her ordeal with a nasty crotchrope. In her final position, The Pope holds her perfectly straight ass in order to allow itAs maximum potential. After being spanked and flogged, her feet are subject to bastinado caning. We see her tight, sexy body erupt with uncontrollable andgasms as the Pope fists it.

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