First Orgasm –


AlisonA introduces us to a good friend. She hasn’t done this in ages! Alison is also present and joins her in showing off her large breasts at the busy mall. They then discuss masturbation and vibrators at home. Alison picks one she loves and begins to masturbate on camera. Although she is nervous initially, she eventually has an amazing orgasm. After her nipple-out, she meets up at a restaurant to talk about her sex life. She then goes on to undress on top of FTV’s house roof in order for Alison to see. Alison is also present as she tries on lingerie and has a breast- and butt game with her. Alison awakens her after a second round in masturbation. This time she wears sexy, lingerie. They get naked together and enjoy a fun and sexy bubble tub that’s all about breasts and butts. This is a first timer with beautiful skin…

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