Foot worship in the tub.. –


Adriana and Kety continue their relationship that began last week. They got naked after having a party and played with one another’s feet before they went to the toilet. We now find them enjoying their beverages in the Jacuzzi as they have a good time. As the water flows into the tub, the girls seem to be having fun. Adriana enjoys Kety’s feet as she crouchs in the bathtub and prays to Kety above. They are stunning girls, Adriana is sure to enjoy watching them experience fetish pleasures. Kety offers Adriana her polished toes, which she crouchs in the tub, while Adriana puts her big toes in her mouth with green eyes. Wow, what a beautiful blonde! Adriana is focused on her feet while Kety shows off her pussy. Kety soon sits in the tub, while Adriana examines her peds. Kety places her right foot at the tub’s edge, and we are able to see it in action while Adriana is suckling her foot behind. The camera crew of Denys de Francesco captured this amazing shot. Kety’s tongue is long and it runs between Adriana and her toes in a few incredible shots. While drinking wine, the girls keep squaring off and Adriana rubs Kety’s sole on Kety’s pussy. Then she gets between Kety’s legs to venerate both of her feet. This amazing girl-girl interaction is captured in HD video and pix.

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