I´ve already been doding phone calls from my mortgage holder because I haven&severe;t been able to get the payments for the last couple of months. The door opens and in walks two haughty young officers from the lender. The lender has foreclosed on my house and bank agents Orias and Terra Mizu are here in order to XXXX me to sign up the legal paperwork. I let the young uppity girls I want to get my attention glasses to be able to find the documents. I walk back in the room holding them at g point. Move! Now!! I demand. The frightened bankers say that a real estate agent is coming soon to set the house up for sale. You won&severe;t eliminate this they sabotage!! I throw some rope at Orias and XXXX her to tie Terra up. Terra Mizu is so scared she starts to shake. Orias tries to reason with me, however that I shove the * at her face and she starts to tie Terra up. Orias crushes the young bankers elbows together and that I order her to gag her partner also. Orias shoves a rag into Terra&severe;s mouth and wraps her head with silver duct tape. Orias finishes tieing Terra in a hogtie around the floor, then I get to operate on Orias. I shove down the lien onto the floor and shove a rag into her big mouth. Orias huge blue eyes widen in fear as I seal the gag into her crowded mouth with the duct tape. I rope her up in a hogtie and inform them the real estate agent will be receiving the identical treatment. Nobody is taking my house from me. I leave the two bankers rolling and struggling on the floor while I go to the couch to rest and await the realtor. I fall asleep and am unaware that Orias and Terra figure out how to untie and ungag themselves and escape the bondage. Suddenly I’m awakened with my very own * pointed right at me. What is going on? The young girls laugh and grope me and demand I strip! I refuse and also the brunette starts to unbutton my lace blouse. The XXXX stripping continues until I am down to my bra and underwear and pantyhose. I’m mortified and try to reason with them, however, the duo is out for revenge and they stuff my mouth and gag me. Orias ties me up at a hogtie and both fondle and grope my entire body which makes fun of me. My embarrassment escalates when the slim blonde pulls up her skirt skirt and sits in my head!! Her partner does the same enjoying their sweet revenge. They leave me struggling on the floor sobbing into my gag because they warn me toenjoy my very last few hours in my house, they will return shortly with the final foreclosure.

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