Rachel Adams has been invited to an essential party for her company. She’s one of their CEO’s favorite secretaries and that she knows he will choosing tonight who is going to be the secretary. Extreme & she;therefore in rivalry with one girl and she understands this celebration is essential to the CEO so that she sees in a beautiful gown and wears strappy sandals tightly laced up to her knees. Only she understands that her boss is he and really a fetish lover &extreme. Rachel calls out to me, her sister, to offer my opinion concerning her look after completing her cosmetics. She assesses around the house, but cannot find me. Eventually my muffled cries are heard by her and runs in to find me hugely tied into a chair. The bondage is too painful although I attempt to move and also the rope digs deep into my own flesh. Rachel attempts to spare me a guy that is masked overpowers her and handcuffs her wrists . He drags her and handcuffs her ankles with cuffs. Rachel attempts desperately to crawl to the garage. The masked guy goes back and he takes control of the situation and finally Rachel reaches the doorway although time is passing. He binds Rachel in a reverse prayer that is tight and very cruel, then ties her crossed legs into a seat. He gags Rachel using a ring gag and wraps her face with eight layers of duct tape counting each wrapping. He leaves both of us in anguish not able to move whatsoever. We helplessly sob to our gag wondering if anyone could ever rescue us.

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