From Head to Toe –


It was a customized clip, so if your Italian heritage is strong enough you may think it’s for you. If not, just let your imagination take over. The sexy Miss Jasmine is busy running and traveling and hasnaEURTM)t gotten to the bathroom in days. Your job? You should lick her. After placing her arms on your chest, she will tell you to lie down and allow her to sit on top of you. She then takes off her bra, revealing her beautiful breasts as she sat down. You are enticed by her gorgeous pussy lips as she pulls at the fabric of your pant legs, causing you to be enraged. She wants you to get back up and clean her high-heeled boots. After she is done, her boots are removed and they smell amazing. Every inch of her body should be licked and sucked. You can even see her putting her foot inside your mouth. She tells you to pay attention to each of your feet. She then calls you to her between the legs so that she can worship her panties. You will be amazed at her pussy, tits and pussy as she pulls the fabric back up. Then, she wraps her legs tightly around you neck using a scissor grip. She says, “aEURoeI will make you miserable while I squeezeaEUR.” She makes you fight and then tells you to put your nose in her cheeks. Then she will have you lie down on your back, letting her sweet piss shower you with her sweetness. You are instructed to open your mouth. She starts to fill your mouth with food, pulling the panties towards the sides. You are fed a little bit each time, until your bladder emptys. She is very precise. To get the panties wet while she pees, she pulls them between her lips. Then, she takes them out and asks you to lick your genitals.

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